The juggle is real!

It was a Wednesday afternoon- 1:15pm to be exact. I can remember the exact time because my 7 week old baby was 15 minutes overdue for his nap and my 2.5 year old toddler was steadily becoming grumpier as she neared her 1:30pm nap. I was standing in line at the supermarket checkout waiting desperately to get my shopping and get out of there - I use the word standing loosley, it was more like jolted pacing between noisy children.


The woman in front of me was a well meaning and kind looking mother with a baby strapped to her chest in a comfy-looking sling (should have bought one of those with my first baby). She turned and said to me- in the most well meaning way possible- “You’re doing a great job, some days can be hard”. I smiled politely and thanked her; it was very sweet of her to encourage me. I then glanced around and saw that the woman scanning her groceries as well as the customer to my left were both gently smiling too. While their faces said “good job Mumma” their eyes were laced with pity.


I felt comforted and at the same time disappointed, because although their intentions were so good, it seemed as though my squawking baby and two rowdy toddlers had gained me more attention than I had hoped for. 


You see, some days this happens to us Mummas. I know I’m not the only one! Having kids can be busy, exhausting, exhilarating and infatuating all in the same exact moment. It’s your greatest holiday moments- seeing your baby play in the sand for the first time; your most fulfilling teaching experiences- watching your toddler finally write their own name! It’s the most exhausting errand you’ve ever run- taking two energetic kids into the post office (or dare I say the bank!); and the biggest workout you’ve ever done while shopping- taking three kids, one capsule, a 15 kilo baby bag and 650 snacks into the supermarket to buy one packet of nappies! The juggle is real ladies! And sometimes the juggle gets you a whole lot more attention in the line at countdown than you probably wanted.


We all know that the job itself is incredible and is by far the best thing we will ever do! But sometimes the shifts can be hard. I will admit I have been heard answering my calling children with “I’m on a 10 minute break!”. And I have once or twice made comment that “I’m clocking off now” while negotiating bed time rituals with my two chatty little girls. 


So here I am, launching an awesome business selling lactation cookies to my fellow Mummas. I know there are some challenging days ahead of me, filled with juggling and busyness; as well as many moments of pure I-just-flipping-love-this-kid bliss! I hope to encourage many women- mother or not, breastfeeding or not- and help you all to feel a little bit special “… Because you deserve it Mumma!”.


So whether you’re a stay at home mum, a single mum, a step mum, a first time mum, a working mum, a combination of the above or something else entirely- good job Mumma! The hard moments can be hard and the good moments are oh-so-good; but remember that “this too shall pass”.


Your children- no matter how old- will never again be as small as they are today.


Much love



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