How do More Milk Cookies work?
Our cookies are jam packed with galactagogues- the milk making ingredients! We pride ourselves on making cookies full of the good stuff breastfeeding mums need, with a taste that everybody will love!

How many cookies should I eat?
We recommend eating two cookies per day to begin. Some Mums feel that one cookie is sufficient on their second day, while others prefer to stick with two cookies for a few more days. Our cookies are larger than the others around so you get more milk making goodness with each one. Trust your instincts mama!

Can everyone eat More Milk Cookies?
Yes, Anyone can eat these scrumptious golden goodies- we promise dads you won't start making milk! But you may want to keep that secret to yourself mama, because these cookies are too delicious to share!

Can I eat the cookies while I'm pregnant?
Yes! Our cookies are a decadent treat for anyone!

How many cookies do I get in a box?
Each box of More Milk Cookies contains 12 individually wrapped cookies. And guess what...? They weigh 50 grams each! We want mums to sit down with each delightful cookie and enjoy a moment, not just a mouthful. So we made our cookies bigger and better so you get more value for money as well as More Milk!

How long will it take to get my cookies?
We bake cookies as often as we can to keep up with the demands of our milking kiwi mummas! Because we want our cookies to arrive to your door when they're fresh, we bake to order. So this means it can take 1-4 business days for your cookies to be dispatched. If you need cookies asap or want to know exactly how far yours are, then please contact us after you've checked out.
  * More Milk Cookies are products that are used as a natural alternative by mothers trying to promote their milk supply, at whatever stage they are at in their breastfeeding journey. They have that homemade cookie taste whilst giving mummas all the right nutrients they need while trying to help promote a healthy milk supply. Everyone is different and although we have had a large number of mummas who will say otherwise, we cannot guarantee that our products will 100% increase your milk supply. All orders are sent using a Post Haste courier service. By purchasing products through the More Milk Cookies online store the buyer understands that any damages to the packages or lost parcels during the shipping process are not at the fault of “More Milk Cookies” and cannot be held accountable. No refunds or replacing of items will be given *